The Pear

Named for the shape it takes on, this device was shoved in anal, virginal, and oral orifices. 
With the turn of the screw it expanded to tear the orifice causing much pain and internal damage.




The Rack

Victims were forced to lie down on spiked rollers and then tied to the rack to be stretched out for periods of time. This would cause dislocation of body joints and up to twelve stretched inches.  Generally other types of torture would be inflicted while in this position. Pinchers would be used to tear off nipples, tongues, genitals, noses, ect.




The Branks

This was a metal mask containing a mouth guard disabling a person from speaking. It was often used to silence those accused of being a witch.




The Breast Ripper

A four-pronged device used either heated or frozen to rip off the breast of men and women.
This was more often used on woman accused of heresy.




The Judas Cradle

The victim was tied in the air and the repetitively dropped to fall onto a pyramid point.
This greatly damaged genital areas as well as dislocated joints.