The Wheel

Once a victim was restrained and pieces of steel where placed under crucial limbs, a wagon wheel was then dropped onto all joints shattering the bones. The broken limbs were then woven in between the spokes of the wheel. To complete this execution, the wheel was then placed outside for the birds to devour the body.




The Strappado

The victim was restrained by ropes and then suspended in the air to be dropped several feet and stopped before hitting the ground. Often times this was done with weights attached to the victimís legs to increase the amount of pain felt.



Wooden wedges

Wooden wedges were placed underneath the victimís toenails and fingernails causing great pain and sometimes infection.




The Boot

There are two variations of this torture. During the first, a victimís legs would be placed inside planks of wood with wooden spikes attached on the inside. Each time a question would go unanswered by an inquisitor, the wedge would be hit by a hammer causing it to impale the victimís leg. In the second form of torture, a victimís leg was placed inside a cooper boot and hot lead was then poured inside cause burns.




The Sprinkler

This device was filled with hot molten  metal and then sprinkled onto a victimís stomach, back, and other body parts.