Water Torture

After being restrained, the victimís nostrils were pinched shut and fluids such as vinegar, urine, and diarrhea were forced down their throat.


The Garotte

This was used to strangle the victim. A collar was placed around a wooden post and the victimís neck.
Then slowly, the executioner would screw a spike into the back of the victimís neck.


The Whirligig

The victim was placed inside a spinning wheel until they became nauseated and vomited.


The Chair of Spikes

After sitting down on this chair, weights would be thrown over the victimís body forcing it to be pierced by the metal spikes.


The Hereticís Fork

This was a two-sided prong that was jabbed between the victimís chin and chest.
It was very painful and prevented the victim from talking.