Toothed Bars
Similar to a nut cracker, these were used to tear a manís testicles off his body.


Spanish Donkey
The Victim was placed over this object and then had weights tied to his or her legs until the pressure
 was so intense that it mutilated the area between there legs.


Foot Press
The Foot Press slowly crushed a victimís foot by driving sharp spiked through their bones.


Thumb Screws
There are many variations of this instrument. Some would consist of crushing the thumb between two hard surfaces
 and others would consist of driving a screw through the thumb and attaching it to wood.
This could also be used on toes.


The victim would be forced to lie down on the ground where a flat board would be placed over their body.
Next, Heavy objects were stacked upon this board crushing the victim and bringing them towards their death