The Inquisition


Who would have thought that the use of torture and the invention of such horrid devices originated from the Catholic Church?
 In to todayís day and age, with the doings of the church Iím sure that learning such information isnít so surprising.
However, to have imagined the acceptance of such behavior in the 15th and 16th century is appalling. What need would there be to partake in such a ghastly activity?

The Inquisition is the name given to the time period where endeavors of the Catholic Church were taken in an attempt to eradicate heresies. The historical foundation of the inquisition lies in medieval times, where the church and state were viewed as one apparatus. To rebel against the church as well as the king in matters of law, cannon, and hierarchal structure was ultimately questioning the base of society, thus causing havoc and social disorder. To maintain such high power and combat those that questioned authority, the church would hunt down and prosecute heretics, while the state was left to punish them. This then is the foundation that would lead to the use of torture devices and would eventually be called the Inquisition. Though the inquisition can be divided into many categories, its main components consist of the Papal Inquisition (the first officially launched inquisition), and the Spanish Inquisition (where torture was more wide used).

Papal Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition

Procedures During the Inquisition