The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition is what takes the responsibility for the excess cruelty of heretics.
It is from this time period that medieval torture expanded.
In 1497 Pope Sixtus IV issued a bull allowing the monarchs of Spain ( King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella)
to select an inquisitional board. This boardís undertaking focused on rooting out the fake Christians within Spain, such as
the Protestants, Jews, and Muslims. The main difference between the Papal Inquisition and the Spanish Inquisition
was independence. While the church held the majority of power in prior inquisitions, during the Spanish Inquisition, the
king and queen were very independent. Not only did they get to pick the members of their own board, but the Spanish
 government covered all expenses and received all profits involved in carrying out the inquisitional boardís task.
Spainís involvement with this inquisition for religious reasons seems almost like a masquerade for gaining both
a political and economic advantage. The Spanish inquisition was not disabled until 1834.