The question of questions (51)

When I pour my soul out for you
Do you see me for what I am?
Can you understand the pain?
Do you realize what I'm doing?
When I pour my heart into you
Do you see your face in the reflection?
Can you understand why it's you?
Do you realize why I trust you?
When I pour my body on to you
Do you see me for who I am?
Can you understand that I can't change?
Do you realize this is all that I offer?
When I pour mind through you
Do you see the passion I possess?
Can you understand why I share it?
Do you realize I am you?

Do I frighten you?
Are you going to run to the hills?
Now that I showed you what I am about,
Do you feel the same or are you ashamed?
Can I be the one you can share yourself with?
The one who can see through your walls?
The one who you can count on when they come crashing down?

When I poured myself onto the floor,
Did you see that I'm not playing with a full deck?
Or did you see that it's stacked with aces?

A.J. Dinardo 04/10/1999