A Caterpillar's Day Dream

There's a girl i know
she sits by the river
waiting for her frog to show
alone, basking in the moon, she wonders
thoughts creep, along for the ride
her heart speaks in tongues her mind can't read
when all the time, she's blind to what she needs
but who am i to say what can clear her mind?

There's a girl i met
she wonders when she'll be happy again
nothing can change the past
and only she can shape her future
but she desperately craves the two to mix
even if just for the quick fix
to band-aid her pain for the tiniest
her mind shouts to stop
but her hearts races forward, reaching
scratching and clawing, she pulls herself up
standing, she takes a look, but to her dismay
he is no where for her eyes to book
the wrecking ball of reality has struck her down
but who am i to feel for the fallen angel?

There's a girl i see
who seems to be as tall as a tree
i'm dodging her tears that fall next to me
i crawl upon a leaf to gain a better view
i hear her thoughts cry out askew
i feel her heart crumble to blue
if nothing can save her, might i die trying
i scream to help the beauty
but like a ghost, i can't touch her
cause she doesn't know i'm there
if only she could see, what i am to be
i may be the caterpillar on the outside
but inside are budding wings
ready to fly her away from the pain of the river
leaving behind the worries of yesterday
bringing her to the start of tomorrow's
long and winding flower filled road
but who am i to dream?

A.J. Dinardo - July 16, 2000