Abrupt Ending
certainly we've seen better days
but to touch on this seems, well
how does one say? For all that we've
done in our time together i seem to
think that you would pay more respect
but that just the way it goes, dare i
say selfish, but it is the first thing
that pops into my mind. Time has push
it's way in, along with just about every
thing else. Growth comes from within, and
i think our time has come to a halt,
and we should try and well, keep it real, and
revert things back to other forms, or maybe
it's undefined, i don't think i know yet, but
i think we'll be fine, time, is definitely a
good thing. As you, i'm sure, already know,
but don't get me started as i will not you. Time.
Till we meet again, to draw lines in the sand.

A.J. Dinardo - 01/21/1999