I walk along the water
I take a step to see
My bleeding body
Breaking down before me
I bend down to the water
I stare at the reflection
Lines in my face
Paint the picture, freak
I push my face into the water
I inhale it's contents
It burns my wounds
Clearing away the pain
I swallow all the water
I feel it cleansing my inside
Freeing the tired eyes
Washing away the tortured soul
I dive into the water
I surround my body within it
Piecing the broken man together
Healing all
I reflect upon the water
I wish to repay her
Silence befalls
Speaking not of her miracle

No question of my path
No question of my destination
Just the need to cure
That's what makes special people
Seem so damn rare
I'm a changed man
Ever so thankful that I am
If you ever stumble upon her
Be sure to tell her I care

A.J. Dinardo - June 16, 1999 Back