Blind Magic

One of my hates brings you forth
As I'm not sure of what I summoned
But I know it must be better
Hate made me do it, he made me
Blame it on everything, but myself, The American Way
Unfamiliar, but I can fake proficiency
Big shit on campus, yeah, bow down
I'm your ruler now, you must obey
Air of which I use, hate of which is mine
I think I'm in control, full speed ahead
Hate is in control, he is in

To late to bind wounds, to soon to know
Bleeding's internal, covered eyes
No one to help, nothing to stop
No one really cares, not until it's them

That is unknown is in prime
The unlikely is the pray
"Bring your hate forward
I will end it for you"
Nothing better than to destroyed by your own
Nothing better than hate breed
Nothing brings us ever so close to happiness
Now what do you do?
You took the bate, now I'm here
What do you want? Bring it!
You think you have control?
You don't! I made you do it, I did
You were never in control, you couldn't

I thought I had it, now I don't
I thought I knew, but I just couldn't see
What had I done, what was to become