Bridge To Eternity

Stunned with disbelief
She wakes to urgent sounds of yesterday
Discontent with her plight
She wonders what will come to her

She wallows in the heavily stricken discontent
Failing to breathe in
Surrounded in the darkness
The lingering dormant feeling of hope and love and life
The unknown feelings that keep fading
Further and further from their rightful home
To where they are currently dead

Life, Love and Hope
A soul devoid of such
Isn't worth leading

As she stands on top of the bridge to eternity
She reflects on her inner death
She can't remember the warm happy feelings that used to breed
Just before she takes her final leap
She screams aloud for no one to hear

"Take the energy which we cherish
Remove it from my soul
Make it rain
Take this energy away, for I do not deserve
This energy we call life"

A.J. Dinardo - 09/06/1999