and here we are, the four of us
each very different
but at the same time, very alike
and it's here, at the crossroads
that life is decided by us
or maybe for us, if fate intervines

and it's there, in the middle
that the true test will be won
and the couple who should be, is

i stare at the other three
thinking of each and non
who should it be
and why must we try

with a brief look to my left and right
i take a picture and store it
i think of what could have been, right
and what she can be, left
and i think how it never will be
for they have prevented their own, and mine, with right

and now
i stare across at you
thinking of you and only you
if you can believe
i hope it's you and i who are stared at
and lifted among the clouds is where we'd go
for the middle is only a meeting point
and not a destination

A.J. Dinardo - June 28, 2000