Damn the Clairvoyant

i've seen beyond my scope
i've come back from another day
to look upon my life and judge
i'm no longer the fool who dies
for i can now see without eyes
and if what was is truly done
then i can say i've won
nothing can stop me now
not even their feeble attempts
and no longer do i lay at night uncontent
b/c i've seen her
i've stared into those big eyes
and watched myself hover around her and fly
and if i wake myself i may never be
but i know that i've let her free
and maybe someday, any day
if she does return
i will be there, opened arms
with my heart still in burn

damn the Clairvoyant
damn them for what i see
for if i didn't know now
what could be then
i might be able to live free

A.J. Dinardo - March 1, 2000