The Awakening
The Passing
The Horror
The Aftermath
The Next Morning

Part I - The Awakening

I close my eyes
My vision of you fresh
I can feel the warmth of your body
Breathe with me
And it is this moment that I truly cherish
Heart beats in sync
Feelings become stars aligned
Hold the moment
Don't let it go
For this one instant
Nothing can break me

Part II - The Passing

Your vision in my mind
Nothing could be wrong
Till I wake
Where are you going?
Where have you gone?
Please don't run
I close my eyes to remember
Forcing the old thoughts back
Fencing out the new

Part III - The Horror

Remember the vision
Can not quit
Digging deep within
I find her, alone
All alone
That sweet being
Floating away
Far away
Helplessness fills
Nothing left, but that one moment
And a lifetime of guilt

Part IV - The Aftermath

Thoughts of the aftermath cling
But with all the horror
One moment stands out
And through all the trials and tribulations
No one has been able to rip the last shred of me away
I lay in the comfort of that one brief moment
It weights more then the horror
The perfect instant of life
Displayed so vividly in my mind

Part V - The Next Morning

One rotation around our sun
The realization of the course
No longer blinded by the guilt
I awake on this morning
After the endless horror
I find myself, waiting
I find life, waiting
No longer can I wait
And for the first time
I can move, without guilt
And for the first time
I can breathe, alone
And for the first time
I can love, again

Truly changed for the better
I walk through the door
A changed man

A.J. Dinardo - June 17, 1999