Fate - Part I
An Epic Staring Woman and Man

Once upon a midnight dream
Did come a star, or what did seem
Never has the eye seen such a gleam
Never has the mind known such a dream

A comet that sprung from the blue
Crashing into me into you
Leaving nothing left to do
Picking me up outta my blue

This is something i will find
Even if it causes me to blind
Some thing inside, non of kind
Leading me on the quest to find

"Who has come forth to relieve?"
Said an Adam to his Eve
Beauty and grace received
So much, one would never believe


My world seems to be moving so fast
Unknown ahead, and behind, the haunting past
Don't need this feeling to last
We all went out with a blast

Where have i been placed?
All of a sudden, gone without a trace
My life lost, to the great race
Left behind me, the frantic pace

Gone is my world, with nothing to tell
Death claimed all but this here bell
And remnant thoughts that i just yell
Left to be confined within my own cell

I must travel to find a new way
My head confused doesn't know what quite to say
Swirling swirling, engaged in a play
Please lend me a thought to get by the day


No reply was heard aloud
An Adam not so proud
As if a head smothered by a cloud
Making his head ring loud

But how could he complete the court
And it was these types of thoughts
Bewildered and made him distraught
Head swelled and would not sort

What if this could be the chance?
And if it is the last?
Nothing more then a death trance?
But what if i could manage the dance?

Before me stood my desire
And my head sung like a choir
Lifting my thoughts higher
Wanting nothing more then desire


Wondering, wandering through the woods
Could it be likely that i would?
Endeavors brought out, tell me i should
But nothing here guaranties that i could

Tree after tree, they all appear the same
Lost and alone, i've got no one to blame
Past persecutions keep me insane
Lifting the enlightenment outta my brain

Without warning, i did seem to crash
Falling down hard, ground breaking my thrash
Feet lay before my head implanted in the grass
I quickly gain my groud, attempting to conceal trash

Transfixing on the sight before my eyes
Only one new image, and seemed to break all ties
Without a single word, i can feel the cry
Through the hell that was, i've finally arrived

A.J. Dinardo - 11.19.1999