Fly Butterfly, Fly

Compare me, Butterfly
What's outside to what's inside
What do you see?
Can you tell me apart?
To break the bond between us
Would change our lives forever
But which of two would happen?
Death or Love?
To leave the bond
Would just about tear me apart
But is it better that way?
I shall suffer for us
I want to bear the burden
I'm gonna die the way I came into this world
I strive for inner piece
For this is my weakness
And I can't blame you for this

As I realize what I'm saying
The thoughts that clutter my mind
I understand what I'm doing
I can't do this anymore
Live and let live
I'll handle the pain
I'll take the death and survive
I may never reach my goal
But I don't want to prevent you from yours
That would not be fair

Fly Butterfly, fly
Be free and fly far away
Capture life
Don't stop to land here
Better sites await you further along your journey

A.J. Dinardo - July 02, 1999