Fool's Way

"Only fools rush in"
But it is a fool who misses the chance
and waits for life to come to him
Disregarding + unwilling to risk anything
Life is to precious to be discreet

"Only a fool listens to his heart instead of his mind"
But it's the heart that knows how to live
While the mind only shields him from life
He's scared of the unknown which presents itself

Seek what you want but
Take only what you need
For the fool wastes
and only the wise can savor the moment

The fool will die old and alone
He can not even see it until it's to late
For the fool doesn't know how to live
but only how to react

"It's been a long tiring journey
Please meet me half way
I can't stand to be alone anymore
I don't want to end up the fool!"


A.J. Dinardo - April 27, 1999