tiny thoughts float away
feelings create harm
locked door, wrong side
one way mirror
i can see you but
i don't exist in your world
i am free, yet confined
confined to the box i built

i walk about
thinking free to destroy
i put my minds together
the four temp and persuade
angry again i am
frustrated, i crawl away

i peak back through the window
i steal a glimpse
i hear the voices
i feel the pain
locked within my mind
banned from what i crave

watch me float, float away
into nothing which makes me safe
watch me writhe in pain
scabbing my arms which bleed
loud voices laughing - are my own?
watch you laugh, as they take me away
kicking and screaming with might
but not a sound exits the fright

am i really here or just another day trip?
would bursting into flames be noticed?
or would it take another quiet act?
nevertheless i've lost
myself to myself, forever
i'll never be the same

A.J. Dinardo - December 02, 1999