Can I have a clear mind?
Even if just for a moment
Just enough to grab my star
Tired of this fog in my mind

Sick of being alone
Sick of being in love
Sick of being me

Sometimes I just wanna be clean
Free of the toxins that occupy me
Sometimes I need to be high
Floating away, far far from it all

take me away; to that place; far away
up in the sky; deep in my mind; far away
blow me away; tare me down; far away
take me home; make me home; far away
where are you; my angel hope; far away

I'm sick of being alone
I'm sick of being in love
I'm sick of being without you

Where are you now?
Come to me
But don't come if your not high
And don't come if you don't want
to be with me high
I only want you one way, high