Last Words

As the tear runs down her cheek
She feels the anguish of life
Nothing can help
Nothing can hurt
She feels the emptiness of her own
All alone in the big pond
No chance to expand
No chance to connect

She lays her body down onto the bed
Thoughts of what would, could and should
She feels her life drain out
Unable to move
She thinks about her wrong
Retribution has claimed her
The only way to escape the past
Is to prevent the future
She's had enough of being alone

Her last peaceful moment
As the last of her life drains
And the only thought she'll have
For the rest of eternity
She envisions happiness and what it's like
She pictures the warm smile of that she coveted
She lays, happy, for the first and the last time.

A.J. Dinardo - August 24, 1999