Little Lost Heart

Left foot first
Fight right
To climb the steep wall
Wall of might
Nothing has ever been this bad
A new miserable experience
But climb I must
And climb I shall
New mountain unclimbed
No map or belayer
All is my enemy
Set out alone to conquer
I've heard this is the test
I've heard I can
Alone my journey begins
Alone my journey will end
How far will I make it?
A quick look above
People pushing snow
How much of the downhill snow can I take?
A quick look down
People watchin, waiting for my failure
The new spectator sport, My Life!
I climb on
The further I climb
The more snow falls
The harder I climb
The more the mountain resists
As I approach the climax
I find the snow unbearable
My feet beginning to slip
Losing balance
Can't fight to hold on
As I hang, hand clenched to rock
The defying goal slips
When all I needed was a hand
When all I wanted was to succeed
When all is lost
I reach down and for the next step

A.J. Dinardo - July 15, 1999