Loud and Clear

What i need is what i don't have
What i have can not be seen with the naked eye
Deep down within my pit of hell
I wish i was anyone other then myself
Just think, not here, who could care?

The coldness of my bones ache
This feeling i've felt only once
Running rapid on me, breaking
What's for one, isn't ok for me
I don't want to see myself
Because my eyes are blind
I don't want to know anything more
River flows blood flows from my head
I don't want to be myself

What i want is what no one else can see
is this just a figment of my imagination?
need me here, not now or then
find me alone, here and now
my daily humor has gone south
metaphors bleed me dry

Look into my eyes
Have you ever felt the coldness of a blank stare?
One who can't understand your thoughts?
Well, i can hear you loud and clear

A.J. Dinardo - November ??, 1999