Love - To Me

How far does one go for love?
What is too much or little?
Flowers and Candy?
Death and destruction?
Leave it me, just a struggling poet.
My thoughts and ideas are just speculation.
But what do I know about love?
When you are there, you are totally engulfed, but
no one ever knows when they are really there.
It's only when it's over and done, That you really know.
So, when it's done, and you still in love, Your Fucked.
Cause it's only now that you know the ends of which your love is.
The boundaries that make your heart seem endless.
But no matter how endless, it's still won't be enough.
No amount of love can bring back one who used to but doesn't.
No amount of Candy and destruction or Flowers and death will help, either of 'em.
The anti matter matters. Nothing will cure the hopeless fool.
How far does on go for love?
Never far enough.

A.J. Dinardo