My Sun

Thoughts Roaming
Mind Expanding
Life Living

I can feel the grass hug her body
Catch her as she falls
But the grass can not be there forever
As much as the yard shields her from our harsh environment
She will someday soon be exposed
And as much as the yard would love to keep her for it's self
She will soon be set to embark
On that mystical quest of happyness

Life, so innocent, so simple, so pure
Shines so bright within her
Our future's hope
Defined in this here tiny being
If there ever was a glimmer of light for this desolate world
It's been captured right before my eyes

My gift to you is these words
Take them to heart and hold them true
Keep your head up high
For you will someday soon rise about the masses
Don't stop to look below
Don't stop until your climb is complete
Don't let the family brush slow your stride
On top of this world is where you'll peak

A glimmer, a shine, a poem, no rhyme.

A.J. Dinardo - May 2, 1999