To everything that can be
all that is, will be.
Change breathes life's enequities,
but why shall we dwell?
Ever so oft that we do
constent tension, or so it seems to present.
But to grow is to change, so
then all is well, apart.
To speak without words,
to drive without feet.
Master of all, jack to none?
Being as it may, to do it is to be done.
But one shall never see, what's left of...
all that is, will never...
But I do like it, hell we live it.
Agree as i may not, the shit you feed on.
But, who are we to decide for them.
The liquid shadows fade me into bliss.
Simpicity is grand
To everything that is
the negitive will be.

A.J. Dinardo - 01/21/1999