ode to You

here i lay awake again
but this time, for once
the ending not the same

here i lay awake again
entrapped into something
something i can not see

here i lay awake again
but nothing's the same
and life is not moving
for You've managed to beat him
even if for one moment
You've managed to beat my enemy

here i lay awake again
but my head is far from me
and my heart is lifted
and at that very moment
all my fears and concerns
vanish into the night

here i lay awake again
i feel it's nothing new
for You and me too
and that sound i hear is You
but it seems to be similar to me
Yet completely individual

here i lay awake again
and if this is the last awake i have
then i know that i've lived
for in this one evenings talk
i've been taken to places far
places unexplored
places never seen by any
but have the whole world

and in this here ode
i plead for You to take me
take me with You, gone
and if i am who i am
then when i am not
please have this day
please have this day forever
for this is my ode to You

A.J. Dinardo - February 14, 2000