If I could touch you one more time, just to take away the pain
Heart of stone, can't hold up the world by it's self
I can't love you anymore, but I do
Just leave it to me, the all mighty
I'll try anything once
Maybe even more then that if you try
Won't do it anymore
I like myself too much

Caught in the middle of the quest and the reality
None looking too attractive at this point
But what's a guy to do?
Lost because of the big yellow hat blocking the screen
Have no pictures, just the sounds they contain
Still for so long, no longer can I view motion
Is every light a star?
Confused for which to wish, if any
Her still shots caught me in a self-induced moment of vulnerability
Another chance to live my life?
Is every star a sun?
I couldn't bye the daylight
Nor find the path to get there
Hidden by design, not quite sure why
But at the same time, I knew the reasons
An outsider wanting in?
Not likely

She'll fade away, like the rest
It always ends
Only one will work
Guess I was wrong again
I hope I didn't miss it
With every failure comes more drag
What's a guy to do?
Does every light have to fade?
Does every star have to fall?

As the curtain begins its final journey
My compass is stuck to the south
Is it divine or just broke?
Forced to rely on the now for the next
But somehow the before always gives it's two cents

A.J. Dinardo - June 1, 1999