Question of Character

What's in a mind?
What makes you smart?
Where's the line between genius and psychotic?
Both often crossed by the other
An introvert and an extravert
But why do we mix the two?
How can a genius be conceived as psychotic?
A visionary?
Are we so afraid of the unknown,
that it's better to outcast then to be cast out?

What's in a thought?
What makes you crazy?
They can camouflage themselves so well,
that even they start to believe in the web that was built.
Yet these people rise up to be "perfect" citizens
Then with the blink of an eye,
you find 28 bodies floating in his basement
Don't be

They've danced that same tight rope walk so many times
Sooner or later one will break on through
Society’s mishaps make or break the plan
What happens when a person is pushed to the edge?
How will they respond?
Holocaust or Nobel?
Either way, the world has been changed forever.

A.J. Dinardo - June 09, 1999