Random Streets

she walks
alone in her mind
not for the first time
she wonders about every detail
yet oft the randomness dwells
raining down like focus is a crime
beating her into a frenzy of uncontrollable laughter
yet it saddens the poor young girl
disbelief of her own mind and the plights it presents
wishing that her mind could quiet for a brief moment
she falls down

people franticly pass her
some not noticing the fallen victim
others cannot drive themselves to help
if compassion was a crime, or lack thereof
no one would have a shot

mind racing randomly
she can not seem to concentrate
the task of gaining her feet, insurmountable
yet somehow, without thought, she rises
gaining life, her mind in control, yet in disarray
she walks

she walks
alone in her mind
not for the last time
she begins to accept her gift of thought
taking the randomness to another level, her level
she begins to smile at the thought of love
and the complications it brings
it is only then that she is truly ready
and she begins her walk down a new street

A.J. Dinardo - 01/10/2000