Random Thoughts (On Life)

To be one
To see through
To seek alone
To bleed blue

distinct age
unlearned bad
sifted wreckage
starving wastelands

i can be all that i am
can i be all that you need?
if i could turn the skies amber
would you promise not to leave?

everything will end
nothing to survive
what is a friend?
is it all a lie?

the fad of fun
the leaves are brown
living in a funeral
living on the down

yet your bring up IF
can't deal to TAKE
laid on the line; my LIFE
call me truth, FAKE

I can't wait to die
nothing can hold on
wasting away in these bodies
i'd rather move to the grave beyond

all along it's about the sin
nothing to claim, just rain
why is it your business?
just let me soak in my pain

belongings lie
weaknesses exposed
careless belief
metaphors told

to bleed onE
to seek througH
to see alonE
to be bluE

A.J. Dinardo - October 14, 1999