Shattered dreams of yesterday's time
Lingering bitter taste of shit
Flipped ship, dorsal-side up
Spewing of constant verbal slander
What have we descended on?
Long winter battles for what?
Life, Liberty, and death?
Deprived of what we fought for
No more love or respect
Casualties of our mistakes
Fighting for others rights
Forgetting about your own
It's slipping through the cracks
There's no handle for reality
No body cares about what's going on
The rich get richer while the poor die out
All while my light just appears further away

Can you see what I see, big man?
Do you care about what you've brought forth?
Come on down from the perch
Get a good look
These are the people that you lead
Can you see what I see?
Blind to reality's pain
You need eyes to see
You need a heart to care
You need a voice to make a difference
Guess that's why we're in stasis

A.J. Dinardo - 03/18/1999