The Curse

And on the last day; The first day; Reborn
Blessed with the new; The new, not the one
Selfish eyes laid the law
And from these eyes my misshapen world crumbles
Falling apart, crashing below
When the one true thing I desire eludes me
And I'm left alone in a world of lust and greed
And the only thing I truly wish has been trapped
And locked in a box beside his bed
All I can feel is agony and pain
All I can see is the lies that bind
All I can hear is the horror of my empty soul
All I can do is hope that one day it'll be broken

Now that i've found what i believe to be the hammer
I can only hope and pray that she will smash the box
Allowing me to love once again
Allowing me to live in harmony
Setting my soul free of the chamber it was confined to
Lifting me from the curse of which I was bound

A.J. Dinardo - September 2, 1999