The Rot

Times they are a changin.
We've seen our fair share of shit,
but still we thrive for more.
In this ever moving world
where dog not only eats dog,
but cat and weasle too,
I find that life is to oft thrown
into the gutter for no good reason.
Why bother trying to make something
when you can just get by doing nothing?
Seems that even in our extream amounts
of wisdom nothing seems to make scents.
See, to me, nothing is more precious
then the air in which we breathe,
and nothing can taken me down no
matter how much force applied.
Won't let it happen, gotta be strong.
But for all good, there is the bad.
For all the stength, there is weakness.
Unfortainatly we live in this world
in which most are the weak, we, the few
are the strong, and it's us that have
to make this planet a better place.
There's only so much the few can do.
For now it's in other's hands.
And we, the few, are left with the
crooked and financially desprete.
But all good things must come to an end,
and the weak are replacing the strong
and sooner or later we'll be left with
a world in which only weak live.
With this comes the end.
The end of the life she breathes.
The end where all her reys breach.
A sadened modern era of depression
will have conquered,
and our mother will have passed on.

A.J. Dinardo - 03/15/99