Have you ever really wondered
where time comes from?
Why or how it became?
Seasons change as a reminder of this plague.
But have you ever really wondered
why we can't stop time?
Ever have that moment you just wish for again?
People say time is good, and all you ever need is time.
Well I say fuck that, time is evil.
Time Heals? Well it's just a reminder!
Healing with numbness, is this what we wanted?

Have you ever really wondered
about going back in time?
To that place where everything was in harmony?
To relive that glorious feeling of self-enjoyment?
But have you ever really wondered
why it just won't go away?
Can't escape the grasp of it's clenching fist?
Man will never conquer time, for it's mans worst enemy.
No holocaust or nuclear weapon can compare to
the inequity of time.

As I lay here in my mind, alone again.
I sit and wonder about all of the good
moments throughout my span.
Now that I can't stop to go back, I want to
speed to the end, but that won't work either.
Nothing left but wasted time and time to waste.
Life with love makes time seem so short, but
time without your love makes it an eternity.

A.J. Dinardo - 02/08/1999 [T - 1 day and counting]