Time - Part II

I'm losing it
There's only so many grains of sand
And everyone is in a tug-of-war for my hourglass
Although nothing seems to change
Everything is completely different
Or maybe it's just the names and faces
Or maybe i'm convoluted

Time, as precious as it is
Is beginning to look like poison
And i've got it injected into my veins

But along you come
Ripping my glass outta their grubby little hands
Forcing them away from that which makes me bleed
Taking my hourglass and laying it down
Cause with you, Time is neutralized

But as quickly as you came
You were gone with the night
But i wish you were more like the night
Because even my precious night visits me daily
And now i'm here counting every grain that passes me by
Like watching the blue cars pass as i sit along the highway of life

All i hear is people telling me to be patient and wait
But no one realizes that as i wait, i die, alone, watching the sands of Time beat me outta my life

A.J. Dinardo 04.27.2000