To Be Happy

nevermind that which makes us bleed
look into my eyes, can you hear me?
concentrate on the tasks at hand
do you see the schooner?
your lacking the needed focus
those days are behind us
don't let it slip away
stop, i know it's tough, but
the drive must take over
all for you, none for me
your hand must be raised
fulfill the inner destiny
you must want, so you can taste
when you taste, your so close
just a little further, keep going
stopping now just puts you back further
harder, you must find the strength
harder, you must keep it sustained
harder, push for the line
it's within reach, now it's all yours
ecstasy, yours for the taking
grab it, touch it, taste it, breathe it
it's you, fits nice
happyness granted within

A.J. Dinardo - 01/20/1999