What of love?

But what of love?
Does it not have to be physical?
I'd rather display than say
Words mean nothing to me
But what of love?
Does it mean marriage?
Are we all not of feelings?
Yet we can only love one.
But what of love?
Why do we equate sex?
Love drives deeper than lust.
But lust more oft love.
But what of love?
Can I not love you?
You’re old and gray,
But I don't see that.
Can I not love what's inside.
Within runs deeper then the Nile.
I do not love you body,
I love your heart, mind, and soul.
But what of love?
Can we be loved?
Can I not be free?
Can I live for another day?
We're to great to be wasted,
So what of love?

A.J. Dinardo 04/13/1999