Worlds Apart

We spend our time trying to find the right one
But oft when you think your close
The one you truly find is yourself

Having is to hold, but what are we trying to keep?
Reasons bind me from taking what I need
Seasons change me, from where do I bleed?
Life without love is worthless
But then why do we spend our life waiting and searching?

As age passes and life edges closer to the closure
It becomes harder to wait for her to show up
I've already begun to force issues
Relating the wrong actions to the right emotions
Thinking not acting...needing not believing

Certain fears have already unfolded
What if I find her, but I am not her?
Does reciprocation validate the soul?
Is that the only way?
Heart of stone, weighs more then I can hold

Twenty passes and I am no closer then when I started
I've heard all the kind words, but that doesn't bring me any closer
Soon I'll be on the verge of no return
I'll know then how I've truly done

My stars are a jigsaw puzzle missing the corners

A.J. Dinardo - July 18, 1999